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Cassie (Only Aro, Jane, and Carlisle call her that though)

Age & Birthday::
Appears 21; is really 200-ish. Her birthday is December 13th.


Current Events::
Cassandra is currently working with the Volturi. She doesn't like it, however. She is being sent on a mission to go stop the Cullens for Aro, Caius, and Marcus. She is travelling with Jane, another member of the Volturi whom she hates. The only thing about the trip Cassandra finds comforting, however, is her reunion with an old friend, Doctor Carlisle Cullen.


None. Her real family is long dead and she wouldn't count the Volturi as family in a million years. The closest thing Cassandra considers family is the Cullens...And only half of them actually care about her.

Cassandra Llewellyn was born in England in 1787. She was raised there until she went off for college, having a family that supported her independence, not wishing for her intelligence to be wasted on being a housewife. She moved to Italy for college, automatically lost in the city. Cassandra was unsure what to do, where to go, and who to talk to. The only thing, the only person that seemed to help her in the city was Carlisle Cullen.

Cassandra and Carlisle became friends once he met her in the school library. He was researching medicine and bumped into her, knocking over her pile of books. He helped her and they became good friends from there. Cassandra was studying to be a lawyer, a job that was unheard of for a woman of that time period. However, Carlisle supported her through school, offering her any help she needed whilst he was staying at the local hospital.

Cassandra was going up to see him one day and stumbled upon three dark-hooded figures in Carlisle's office. She watched the conversation play out, hearing snippets of it, such as 'Vampires, Volturi, and Vegitarian.' The figures walked out, one with black hair saying, "Think about it, Carlisle..." Cassandra gasped as the man looked at her, smiling. He told her to take a walk with him, Carlisle remaining oblivious to this fact.

Aro, Caius, and Marcus took Cassandra to where the Volturi stay, showing her around and telling her what they are. Soon after, they changed her into one of them. She never went back to school, vowing her life to help and serve the Volturi. Cassandra was well-ranked in the Volturi, prided on her powers of persuasion. When changed into a vampire, she adapted to have mind control over vampires of her same level or under.

She came one night to visit Carlisle, finding out that he was moving to America. She bid him farewell, realizing how disappointed he was in her because of her actions of joining the Volturi. They said their goodbyes as Cassandra wondered when she would see him again. She only hopes now that someday she will have the strength to become a vegitarian vampire and stay with the Cullens.

Cassandra has two sides to her, but mainly shows her work side around others. She is cold, cruel, and unfeeling toward anyone, hardened because of her many years around Aro. She won't ever laugh, and hardly ever smile. She is strictly professional, like a good lawyer, if you will. She is highly intelligent, but is never arrogant about it. She is to the point where her job means nothing to anymore; it's simply everyday duties now, and she cannot stand it.
The only time she shows her other side, her more human side, is when she's around friends, like Carlisle or a few of the other Cullens. She'll laugh, make jokes, and be a complete dork, not caring what people think, much like how she was in college. She acts so much unlike her Volturi-self that many think her intelligence level goes down. Cassandra always has a strong head on her shoulders, however, always prepared to argue and have a battle of wits.

~Human things (Doing laundry, taking showers, etc.)
~Carlisle Cullen
~Drinking, even if she can't do it anymore
~Controlling annoying people
~Winning a battle of wits/an arguement

~Being with Aro/Jane
~Being a Volturi member
~Being feared by others
~The unknown
~Not being herself


Cassandra is around 5'7'' with a skinny frame. She stands strong, however, because of her job and her vampiric qualities. She has blonde hair mid-back with a slight amount of freckles scattered about her face, the rest of her completely pale. She has the typical bright red Volturi irises only at work. Otherwise, she has in contacts that typically make her eyes purple because they are blue.
Clothing wise, Cassandra has to wear her robe out and about the streets of Italy during the day. Otherwise, she wears button-down, light summer blouses and pencil skirts, or professional dresses. Her hair is usually up in a bun to keep it out of the way. She enjoys wearing jeans and a tank top when she can, but is usually always working.

Cassandra, Volturi Member Nd17
Romola Garai

RP Example (3 paragraphs)

Cassandra sighed wearily, eyelids slowly covering her bright red eyes as she continued walking down the hall. Her small stilletos made miniscule 'tap tap's' on the tile as she meandered along, searching for Aro. "He's always getting lost somewhere..." She muttered under her breath, nodding once to Heidi. She was a fellow Volturi member Cassandra also equally disliked. Heidi was always stealing Cassandra's blue contacts...

"C-Cassie...?" A soft voice floated through her ears as her head lurched up, searching for the sweet melody, wondering how she had lived her life for so long without it. She suddenly wished she had some sort of contacts to put in as she gazed into the warm, golden eyes of Carlisle Cullen.

"C-Carlisle!" Cassandra blurted out, feeling ashamed of herself. She was happy that her black robe was in her room, though. She didn't have long to think before he pulled her into a strong, protective hug. She gulped, unsure of what to do. She awkwardly put her arms around him as well, clearing her throat. "W-what are you doing here?" She whispered into his chest as he pulled away, smling down at her. Cassandra realized how much she missed that smile. Her long-dead heart ached to see it more.
"Aro called me here again...I've got to go meet with him about something..." He muttered, clearly displeased about it. Cassandra grinned.
"Piece of work, ain't he?" She only prayed he would smile again for her. He did, nodding.
"Yes..." Silence pressed against them for a few moments before he spoke again, watching her the whole time. "Listen, I'll talk to you later, alright? I'm late..." He pulled her into his arms again, sighing deeply. Cassandra only hoped this sigh wasn't because of his disappointment in her. She watched Carlisle Cullen depart, fading back into her apathetic attitude, holding the small memory of him smiling in her heart until they were to meet again.
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